Skybus from KLIA2 to KL Sentral / 1 Utama

The cheapest way to travel from KLIA2 to down town KL is through the Skybus. Skybus is a coach service connecting KLIA2 to KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur and 1 Utama in Damansara. The one way ticket for Skybus to KL Sentral or 1Utama is only RM10. If you buy a return ticket (two way ticket), you can get a handsome 20% discount (while promotion last), making the round trip cost RM16.

Exterior View of Skybus from KLIA2 to KL Sentral

Inside Skybus. 

Location of Skybus Bus Station at KLIA2

This bus service is now serving KLIA2 at its Level 1 transportation hub. Upon arrival, look for lift or escalator that bring you to Level 1. The Skybus bus station is located at EXIT DOOR 3 at the far left on Level 1.
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Map to KLIA2 Skybus Bus Station at Level 1 KLIA2

Three Ways to Buy Skybus Tickets

There are three ways to buy skybus tickets. The easiest is to buy it on board the bus. The other way is to buy it at the Skybus counter at Level 1 of KLIA2. If you prefer to buy the ticket in advance before your trip, you can also buy it from Skybus website at

Schedule / Timetable for Skybus at KLIA2

From KLIA2, the first bus departs at 5.00am while the last bus depart at 2.45am in the morning. The departure interval or waiting time is usually every half an hour (30 minutes) from 9.15am onwards. From 5.00am to 9.00am, the departure interval is every one hour.

From KL Sentral, the first bus departs at 3am and the last bus departs at 10pm. The skybus departure interval is usually every 30 minutes throughout the day. 

From 1 Utama,  the first skybus also departs at 3am but the last skybus departs at 11pm. However, the skybus departure interval is one hour throughout the day. 
Skybus Schedule from KLIA2 to KL Sentral and from KL Sentral to KLIA 2
Bus Timetable from 1 Utama to KLIA 2 and from KLIA2 to 1 Utama

Time Estimate for Using Skybus to KLIA2

The bus trip from 1 Utama or KL Sentral to KLIA2 is usually about 1 hour 15 minutes. However, you are advised to take the bus earlier to cater for waiting time, traffic congestion and other unforeseen circumstances. 

For international flights, passengers are advised to take skybus 4 hours before the departure time. For domestic flights within Malaysia, passengers are advised to take the skybus 3 hours before the scheduled departure time so that you have adequate time to check in your baggages and get to your departure gate upon arriving at KLIA2. 

Express Train Between KLIA2 and KLIA (From KLIA to KLIA2 or From KLIA2 to KLIA)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KLIA2 (Terminal 2) is quite a distance apart (about 2km). If you are transiting between KLIA and KLIA2, the easiest way to move between these two airport terminals is through the KLIA Express Train.

ERL Trip from KLIA2 to KLIA or from KLIA to KLIA2

The KLIA Express Train (ERL) is now connected to the new KLIA2 terminal building. The trip between KLIA and KLIA2 only takes 3 minutes. However, if you are on transit, allow more time (say 1 hour) to move between terminal buildings to accommodate both waiting time for the trains (15 to 30 minutes) and walking time within terminal buildings (also 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your arrival and departure gate).

Ticket Fare for KLIA Express Train Trip between KLIA2 and KLIA

The fare for KLIA Express Train Trip between KLIA2 and KLIA is just a nominal amount of RM2. The ticket can be purchased at the arrival hall of KLIA or KLIA2 arrival hall

From sequence of stations is as below from KLIA2

KLIA2 to KLIA to KL Sentral

KL Sentral to KLIA to KLIA2

If you are travelling from KLIA2 to KL Sentral or KL Sentral to KLIA2, you would only need one ticket between the two stations. For example, to travel from KLIA2 to KL Sentral, you do NOT need to buy a ticket from KLIA2 to KLIA and then another ticket from KLIA to KL Sentral. Likewise, if you want to travel from KL Sentral to KLIA2, you do NOT need a ticket from KL Sentral to KLIA and then another ticket to KLIA2. One direct ticket from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is all you need. 

For more information about KLIA Express Train from KLIA2 to KL Sentral, please read our earlier post here.

KLIA2 Arrival Guide

The moment you step out of your flight, you will be pleasantly surprised with KLIA2. KLIA2 does not make you feel like arriving at a low cost terminal.

No-longer you have to worry about walking down the flight in rain. Aero-bridge is used to connect all arriving flights with the terminal building. Upon entering the terminal, clear signage is available for the direction to arrival, transfer and baggage claim.
Direction to baggage claim, transfer and arrival hall.
Signage showing direction from arrival gate terminal building to baggage claim area. 
KLIA2 is a large airport. Be prepared for a bit of walking to the arrival hall. Depending on which gate you are arrival from, the walk to immigration check point / baggage claim area could take between 10 to 20 minutes. You will not be bored along the way. Duty free shops, eateries and gift shops awaits your visit.

Arriving at KLIA2
A bit of walking from the arrival gate to the immigration check point / baggage claim / transfer area. 
The arrival hall of KLIA2 is located at Level 2. The walk way is equipped with hi-tech interactive floor plan to let travellers find out where they are in the terminal building and find information on the outlets and amenities around them. This floor plan may look like a glass panel at a first glance. Try touch the screen and you will realize that it is actually a giant touch screen monitor.

Arrival Level (Level 2)

Giant touch screen monitor showing floor plan of KLIA2 arrival hall. 

Baggage Claim Upon Arrival

Upon exiting the immigration check point (for international arrival), you will be able to see the huge baggage claim area. There is a screen above each belt showing the flight served by the carousel. The system used is very similar to those at KLIA.
Baggage claim area at KLIA2
If you have heavy baggage with you or have a few to take care of, this is the point whereby airport trolleys are available for use. The trolleys at KLIA2 is brand new and very well designed for heavy duty and handle large luggages.
New trolleys available for use at KLIA2
After you have collected your baggages, it is time to leave the arrival halls.

Arrival Area at KLIA2 for International Arrivals

This is where you may get a bit confused on where to go next. No worries. Look for help personnel hired by the airport authority. You can easily find one of them near you. They hold  a big ASK ME sign and are dressed in light blue t-shirt. These help personnel can give you clear direction to taxi coupon counter, KLIA Express Station, Bus Station, car rental and airport parking. Some advices on how to get to down town from KLIA2 is available too.

Any question about KLIA2?  Look out for help personnel in blue holding the big ASK ME sign. All of them can speak English and Malay Language and most of them can speak Mandarin too. 
If you are arriving at KLIA2 for the first time, it is worth knowing that the arrival hall is located at Level 2 while the departure hall is located at Level 3. KLIA Express station is located at Level 2 as well but taxi and buses are located at Level 1. Just follow the signage to these stations and you won't be lost.

Signage showing the direction from arrival hall to public transport services such as KLIA Express, taxi and bus.
If you are a foreigners coming into Malaysia, you can always pick up a prepaid phone card along your way at the arrival hall. Celcom, Maxis/Hotlink, Digi and U Mobile are common choice in Malaysia.

Celcom (Telecommunication Company) outlet - get your prepaid mobile SIM card here. 
There are also a lot (I really mean a lot) of restaurants and eateries of all kind at Level 2 and Level 2M for those who feel hungry or just want a first taste of the wonderful Malaysian food choice.

That's it. KLIA2 arrivals should be easy for those who are used to air travel. Helps are also available for those who arrive at KLIA2 for the first time. Just feel free to ask and don't forget to enjoy yourself at KLIA2 before rushing to your next destination.

KLIA2 Flight Arrival Status (Live Update)

Has the flight landed? Is the flight delayed? Now you can check the arrival status of all flights arriving at KLIA2. Just enter the flight number for the flight you would like to check here.

This live flight arrival checking system works for all flights arriving at KLIA2 and KLIA. It support all flights operated by Airasia, Airasia X, Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Malindo Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Airways Singapore, Lion Air and Indonesia’s Mandala Airlines.

Checking The Arrival Status of a Flight with Flight Number

For example, if you want to check for the arrival status of Airasia flight AK5747, just type "Airasia" and select "(AK) Airasia" in the Airline field, followed by 5747 in the flight field, then click "Search".

Checking The Arrival Status of a Flight with Route

If you do not know the flight number, you can still check the arrival status based on the route of the flight. To do this, click on the "By Route" tab on top of the checker box above. Type in the departure airport, for example, Tawau, and select "(TWU) Tawau Airport, Tawau, MY" as the departure airport. Then, type in the arrival airport as "Kul and select "(KUL) Kuala Lumpur Intl, Kuala Lumpur, MY" as the arrival airport. Finally, click "Search".

Getting the Arrival Status of all flights at KLIA2

If you do not know the flight number, it is still possible to check the arrival status of the flight. In that case, click on the "By Airport" tab on the top of the checker box. Type "Kul" in the Airport field and select "(KUL) Kuala Lumpur Intl, Kuala Lumpur, MY". Make sure you check the arrival radio button to display arrival status only. Finally, click "Search". You will be able to see the full list of flight arriving at KLIA2 (indicated as T2) and their arrival status.

Before you plan to pick someone up at KLIA2, use the flight status. While most flights are on time, a delay of one to two hours in arrival time is not uncommon during peak seasons such as school holidays. In general, flights that arrive later on the day tend to experience longer delay (if any) those arrive earlier in the day. This is because the plane used for a particular flight may be subjected to delay from the previous section earlier on the day.

Hope this live Flight Arrival Status checker helps in planning your trip to pick up your associates, friends or loved ones at KLIA2.

Taxi From KLIA2

Taking Taxi from KLIA2 is not as straight forward as KLIA. The reason is because the airport taxi counter is located at Level 1, while arrival hall is located at Level 2.

For this reason, when you get out from the arrival hall, look for the taxi signage which lead you to Level 1. First of all, look for the signage overhead.

Upon coming out from the arrival hall, you can see overhead signage showing the direction to KLIA2 taxi counter. 

Direction from KLIA2  Arrival Hall at Level 2 to Taxi Counter at Level 1

Upon coming out from the arrival hall (both international and domestic arrival, go in the right hand direction to go to the escalator to Level 1 for taxi. Don't worry if you get lost along the way. There are also additional signage stands on the ground of Level 2 (arrival level) to show you the direction to the KLIA2 taxi counter at Level 1. If you get lost, don't forget that you can ask one of the help personnel in blue T-shirt. It is not hard to find them in the arrival area.

Additional signage stands showing the way to Taxi Counter at Level 1 of KLIA2. 
Follow the direction until you see this escalator with a Taxi signage stand next to it. There is a CIMB money changer and Giordano at the back of this escalator. You won't miss it. Take this escalator down to Level 1 for KLIA2 Airport Taxi Counters.

If you are using the baggage trolley, do not use the escalator, use the lift nearby instead. Reason is because there is a pole at the escalator to prevent people from pushing the trolley down the escalator which, presumably, can be dangerous.

Upon arriving at Level 1 of KLIA2, you will be able to see a row of counters which offers taxi and car rental services. The first three counters offer taxi services while the rest are car rentals. Go for the budget airport taxi if you don't want to spend more for the limo. Buy the taxi coupon here at a fixed price depending on your destination. You do not have to pay the taxi driver or negotiate the rate with the driver.

KLIA2 Airport Taxi Counter at Level 1. 

Should You Take Taxi from KLIA2?

In general, if you are travelling alone, KLIA Express train is faster and cheaper because the one way ticket to KL Sentral is only RM35 or RM70 for return ticket. However, if you are travelling in group of 2 to 4, then it is more efficient to take a taxi from KLIA2. A trip to Kuala Lumpur down town is around RM70 to RM80 depending on actual destination. You can check the KLIA coupon taxi price at this website. Furthermore, the taxi will take you right from KLIA2 to the door step of your destination. 

KLIA2 Money Changers (Currency Exchange)

For international tourists arriving via KLIA2, don't worry about getting your currency exchanged. Many banks have set up their operation at the arrival and departure hall of KLIA2 to provide money changing service at your convenience. US Dollar, Thai Baht, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Indonesia Rupiah, India Rupee, China Renminbi, Korea Won, Japanese Yen, Euro, Great Britain Pound and all other major currencies are very well accepted here. 

Banks / Money Changers / Currency Exchanges at KLIA2

 CIMB Bank, Maybank and AMBank has already set up their currency exchange outlet at KLIA2. At the departure hall at Level 3, you can find Maybank and AMBank. CIMB is located at the arrival hall at Level 2. Changing your currency at these banks is very safe. They display the exchange rate clearly on the screen in front  of their outlets.
Maybank money changing service is quite popular. It is located before the departure hall at Level 3 of KLIA2

Ambank Currency Exchange at KLIA2 is just a few shops away from Maybank at the departure hall at Level 3.

CIMB Money Changer is located at Level 2 of KLIA2, at the far right end when you come out from the arrival, next to Giordano. 

Exchange Rates at KLIA2

The currency exchange rates at KLIA2 money changers are generally competitive to each other. Of course, each money changer will have better rates for certain currency compared to the other. Having said that, the exchange rates here may not be the cheapest in town. You can probably get better rates from money changer at Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station or Mid Valley Megamall in down town Kuala Lumpur. However, the difference will be very small if you just want to get a hundred or two hundred Ringgit Malaysia for your expenses at the airport such as food, souvenirs, KLIA Express ticket or taxi from KLIA2. In terms of safety, changing money at KLIA2 money changers is also very safe (you won't get robbed or cheated). 

KLIA2 Departure Guide

ARRIVE 20-30 MINUTES EARLIER than your boarding time especially if you are travelling with young children or elderly. 
KLIA2 is huge. The WALKING TIME from the departure hall to the furthest boarding gate is 15 to 30 minutes. Having to run to catch your flight is no fun. 
Sign board showing 10 minutes of walking from security checkpoint to domestic J gates and 20 minutes of walking time for domestic gates K. International gates are 10 minutes further across the sky bridge. 
Airasia and Airasia X have announced that effective 9 May 2014, all flights counter will be opened three (3) hours before the departure time, and will be closed one (1) hour before the departure time. You certainly do not want to miss your flight at KLIA2. 

If you haven't been to KLIA2 before, it is definitely worth it to arrive earlier than your departure time. There are a lot of nice eateries and retail outlets await your visit. 

Upon arriving at KLIA 2 for departure, you will be greeted with the huge KLIA 2 Gateway shopping mall with  a wide selection of of restaurants, brand outlets, money changers / banks. You have to walk pass this Gateway shopping mall to arrive at the KLIA 2 Departure Hall.

Upon entering at the departure hall, you will be able to check your check-in or baggage drop drop counter through the large electronic flight departure information board. All flights departing in 3 hours to 4 hours time are on this board. In total, there are eight rows of check-in counters / baggage drop counters. The queue for baggage drop is similar to LCCT.
The Departure Hall of KLIA 2 is as large as KLIA. There are 8 rows of check-in / baggage drop counters. You can find out from this board on where is the check-in or baggage drop counter of your flight.

KLIA2 Departure Hall Map

The layout of KLIA 2 Departure Hall is similar to those of KLIA. Domestic departure entrance is located at far left of the hall while international departure entrance is located near the center. For domestic departure, follow the blue line in the map below to get to gates J and K. For international departure, follow the red line in the map below to get to gates L, P and Q 

Map of KLIA2 Departure Hall. Follow the blue line for domestic departure and red line for international departure.


Upon entering the departure hall of KLIA2, on the left of the departure hall is check-in counters / baggage drop counters row S, T, U, V and on the right of the departure hall is check-in counters / baggage drop counters rows W, X, Y, Z.

Departing from KLIA2 should be as easy as any other airport. Just a word of caution to those taking the domestic flights, the distance to your departure gate is no longer a few steps away. Arrive earlier and be prepared for a bit of walking. KLIA2 is designed to be the next generation hub for low cost carriers. It is definitely more than just low cost air terminal. In fact you will be pleasantly surprised with all the facilities and the contemporary dinning, shopping and travelling experience that KLIA2 offers, so much so that you will forget the fact that you are departing from a low cost terminal.